About Us

We all have unique and complex paths in life. Each persons' path just as vivid as the next. Each one happening in parallel to one another. From the people we see everyday, to the random person passing by that we will never see again; some people call this term sonder.

Here at VividPath Coffee, we infuse the passion for life with the passion for coffee.  We aim to be the quintessential resource for your coffee needs. For that big day at work, those late night study sessions, to starting your day off right on the trails, our coffee will help set you on your path.

We source and provide a variety of coffee from several locations around the world, provide equipment and accessories, along with educational resources to craft that perfect cup of joe. Our mission is to bring great coffee, gear and information together in order to supplement whatever path you may be on in life.

-Find your coffee, find your path.


VividPath Coffee is part of VividPathGear, llc.